An Unbreakable Lock for Windows Logon and RDP

For over 20 years, Passlogy has been developing advanced pattern-based authentication software for enterprise and government organizations.

Passlogy has now developed a game-changing solution for Windows Logon and RDP: 4Login for Windows.

4Login for Windows is easy to deploy and to use, and provides complete access protection for Windows desktops.

4Login for Windows empowers users of Windows desktops and workstations and supports a truly mobile work experience.

Game-Changing Access Security

4Login for Windows is simple and secure. It provides Windows users with an unbreakable lock for their desktops and empowers them to work in a flexible and footloose manner.

Complete Protection

Secure access for local and remote logons to Windows desktops.

Easy to Deploy and Use

4Login for Windows is easy to deploy and to use.

Active Security

Empowers users to take control of their security and information assets.

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