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Multiple Authentication Factors Work in Tandem with Each Other

4Login for Windows provides an unbreakable lock for Windows Logon and RDP.

4Login for Windows combines the following set of authentication factors into a single streamlined solution that is secure and easy to use:

  1. A dynamic password.
  2. A secret pattern.
  3. A Login Protection lock.

The 4Login mobile app provides a dynamic password for Windows logins. The dynamic password changes automatically every hour.

The dynamic password is protected by a secret pattern. To see the dynamic password in the 4Login display screen, you must know the secret pattern.

The Login Protection lock must be released from inside the 4Login mobile app to allow a login.

4Login for Windows is easy to use and provides complete protection and control for Windows logins.

With 4Login Premium you can protect local and remote access to all of your Windows PCs.